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Izanam render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Izanami

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Jen Taylor

Intro: Izanami Onyo-ports in and says "I will send you to Yomi."

Outro: Iranami crosses her sickles in a x-manner before doing some martial arts with them.

Special Moves

Onyo-Port: Izanami teleports to her opponent. This can be followed up by one of 3 moves

*Hell Slash: Izanami slashes with her Kama in a x shape.

*Kama Toss: Izanami tosses her Kama at the opponent

*Yomi Uppercut: Izanami uppercuts the opponent with her kama

Sickle Strom: Izanami tosses her kama, which return to her like boomerangs.

Spectral Projection: Izanami fires off a projection that possesses her opponent.

Fade Away: Izanami turns invisible, going through projectiles.


Matron of the Dead: Izanami stabs her opponent in the eyes. She jumps up and breaks the opponent's neck by twisting the kama. She then kicks the opponent in the back, breaking the spine.

Final Sequences

X Gon Give it To Ya: Izanami recites a japanese chant and her kama's blade expand. She then cuts the opponent in a x shape, causing them to tumble down, dead and in pieces.

Go to Yomi: Izanami says "Go down!", then she binds her opponent to the ground and moves her fingers in several motions performing a spell, then "launches" them into a "Black Hole", then the camera pans around to her raised arm with her kimono dangling. "Farewell!" she says.

Heartwarmer: Izanami looks at the camera, teleports near it, taps on it, taps her hands like she's wearing a watch and does the "I'm Watching You" thing with her fingers.

Ending: With Darkness spending the rest of his days in Yumi, Izanami retuned to her day job of hunting souls, until Izanagi returned, apologizing to his wife. The latter forgave him, under the condition that if he ever double-crossed her again, he will die slowly and painfully.
Horror Brawl Request 140: Izanami
Who said it couldn't be done?
Name: Jackie Petersen

Age: 18

Height: 5'5 

Weight: 154.3 LBS

BWH: 60/32/58

Voice Actor: Grey Delisle 

Clothes: White tank top, short shorts and sandals 

Bio/Personality/Abilities: John's twin sister, Jackie is well known among the coalition's top brass as a all around nice girl. However, she is just as tough as her brother, and a crack shot with her Desert Eagles, Weiss and Schwartz as well as her swords Fenris and Jormundgandr. She also acts as King's trainer, using tough love as a way to help him become a man.

Fighting Style: Unlike his brother, Jackie uses quick, acrobatic strikes, as well as joint locks, 
pressure point strikes and submission holds.

Hobbies: Baking brownies, sparring with King, suntans.

Values: Her brother, John

Likes: Her brother, hanging out with his friends, playing volleyball with her friends, relaxing, drawing concepts for new technology, testing new weapons.

Dislikes: Anyone who hurts his brother, stupid people, N.A.C.H.T operatives (mainly Terumi and Relius Clover of Blazblue fame), Third wave feminists.

Interesting facts:

She has a pet cat named Akarin (Red Wheel)

She enjoys cosplaying

Her favorite invention is the mecha Dracolitch.

Her catchphrase is "Jackie's Ready!" or some variation of it.
Rama render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Rama

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Nick Landis

Intro: Rama flies down on his bow, backflips off of it and grabs it, saying "I will find Sita."

Outro: Rama fires some arrows and then flies off.

Special Moves

Bow Spin: Rama spins his bow. He can do this move two more times.

Astral Strike: Rama fires a energy arrow in a straight line, or a arc.

Pick Me Up: Rama's next shot deals more chip damage (this is indicated by his quiver glowing)

Rolling Assault: Rama rolls forward. Can be followed by 3 moves

*Slide of Shiva: Rama slides and shoots an arrow behind him.

*Summersault Kick: Rama does a backflip kick.

*Vishnu Shot: Rama fires any energy arrows he has left.


Seventh Avatar of Vishnu: Rama jumps upward, grabs the enemy from the air, brings them down, following up by spinning around very quickly, making a cyclone and dropping the enemy, afterwards, they fall, breaking the neck. He then fires several arrows at the opponent. He then phases through his enemy with a flurry of flashy kicks and ends the brutal assault by pinning his opponent on the wall with his foot, breaking the jaw.

Final Sequences

Pincushioned: Rama jumps and fires an arrow into his opponent's head. Upon landing, he fires three more arrows into their head, two in the eyes, and one in the mouth.

Where You At?: Rama 
 grabs his opponent and blinds them with light from his bow, then whacks the opponent with the ornament with enough force to break their neck and twist it 180 degrees. 

Heartwarmer: Rama puts an apple on the opponent's head and fires it.

Ending: With Darkness humbled, Ravana defeated, and Sita back into his arms. Rama returned to modern day India a hero of his people. The two would help the government keep the peace against all threats for 1000 years.
Horror Brawl Request 139: Rama
"This is a serious matter"-Rama
Artemis render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Artemis

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Brina Palencia 

Intro: Artemis rides on Tusky to the stage in question and hops off, knocking an arrow and saying "How about an arrow up your ass?"

Outro: Artemis notices something rubbing up on her leg, and notices Tusky, rolling her eyes.

Special Moves

Energy Arrow: Artemis fires off a energy arrow.

Transgressor's Fate: Artemis fires off a net arrow.

Vengeful Assault: Artemis fires a stream of arrows.

Suppress the Insolent: Artemis does a energy enhanced flip kick.


Goddess of the Hunt: Artemis swings her bow and slams them in the chest with it, breaking the ribs. She then sends Tusky to charge at the opponent, breaking the ribs. She finally fires off a arrow, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Archery Practice: Artemis knocks several arrows and fires them into the sky and waits, only for them to rain down on the opponent, turning them into a pincushion.

The Hunt Is On: Tusky charges in and impales the opponent on his tusks. Tusky then makes a u-turn and launches the impaled and dying opponent into the air. Artemis fires off an energy arrow that splits the opponent in half.

Heartwarmer: Tusky shows up with a radio strapped to his back.

Ending: After wiping out Darkness, Artemis retired to go back to hunting. However, her brother ended up saving her from rioters due to a case of wrong place, wrong time. Thanking them
Life's finally back to normal in the Petersen estate.
Isis render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Isis

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Caitlin Glass

Intro: Isis flies in and says" Wanna see a magic trick?"

Outro: Isis flies off camera and the scene shifts to Cairo, Egypt, where Isis and Osiris examine the carnage below.

Special Moves

Hell Bolt: Isis fires a bolt of red electricity.

Wing Gust: Isis creates a tornado with a flap of her wings, setting the opponent up for a free hit.

Spirit Ball: Isis fires a beam of magic at the opponent, leaving a ball that can also be used as a projectile

Dispel Magic: Isis reflects a projectile with a magic glyph


Goddess of Magic: Isis fires a beam of magical energy, pinning the opponent down to glyphs behind them. She then grabs the opponent and knees them in the stomach, rupturing it. She then does a flip kick, breaking the jaw. She finally does a hammer fist, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Magic Cannon: Isis fires a gigantic blast of energy that destroys the upper body of the opponent.

Just Twisted: Isis' eyes glow red and the opponent becomes possessed by a dark magic, which causes them to levitate. Their body is then contorted in unnatural directions, breaking all of their bones.

Heartwarmer: Isis transforms her opponent into a rabbit and pets it.

Ending: With Darkness out of the picture, Isis ended up back in Egypt, however, unlike millennia ago, the people are trapped under the despotic rule of a dictator. With the help of her goddess friends, Neith, Bastet, and Serqet, she saved her countryman from the dictator's army, as well as Egypt proper. 
Horror Brawl Request 137: Isis
Gods, i feel so rusty doing this. 
I feel that i have welfare internet due to the dinguses over at Comcast... 
Ogoleithus: What in fuck do you do after a game so spine-snappingly feel filled as Arkham City? Make a game set in christmas eve, that's what.

Here's the thing though, WB Games and DC still made Arkham Origins and its two DLC, Initiation and Cold, Cold, Heart. So by extension, they're part of the saga of Arkham. Let's get this show on the road

Story (Spoiler Alert on several things)

In Initiation, Bruce Wayne is seen training with the league of shadows and even comes one on one with Shiva, voiced by Kelly Hu, known to fans everywhere as D'Vorah. More about her when we get to the story proper, which we will.

Ogoleithus: Taking place during the storm of the fucking century on Christmas Eve, you would think that Batman would just, you know, kick back and have a ham for dinner. If you say that, then you are dimmer then a damn bedroom light. He flies over to Blackgate to figure out what the pickles Black Mask (voiced by Brian Bloom) is doing out of the prison and runs into Killer Croc from the first game, who like Bats somehow was in reverse aging mode in the 4 years between this game and Asylum and kicks his ass, thats when he realizes that Black Mask (who is actually Joker), put a bounty in which 8 different assassins have come to Gotham to collect, these 8 mercs are:

Deathstroke, the walking weapons depot who has served in various wars and offers his services to scumbags who can afford the coins.

Ogoleithus: Deadshot, Hawkeye and Erron Black's bastard lovechild with the twin wrist guns.

Copperhead, the drop dead sexy Latina with claws of venom.

Ogoleithus: Shiva, the unparalleled master of close combat.

Firefly, the psychopathic arsonist with a flaming body that would make Freddy Kruger cry.

Ogoleithus: Electrocutioner, the ham fisted jobber.

Killer Croc , the aforementioned lizard man.

Ogolethus: And last but not least, Bane, the man who broke the bat.

Having interrogated Penguin in the final offer, seeing the Joker, saved and interrogated Sionis and even saved Alfred's life after Bane deduces his secret identity, making him one of 2 baddies in this entire saga ever to pull off such a feat of intellectual awesome, Batsy decides to head back to a chaos torn Blackgate, deal with a roided up Bane, and beats up Joker. Thus the legend of the Bat begins.

Ogoleithus: And then, there's Cold Cold Heart. Taking place on new years eve, a new threat emerges in Gotham. Victor Fries, aka, Mr Freeze. And after getting a new suit, dealing with new shitbags and plenty of other stuff, he deals with him and the shitheal who made the man into who he is. Not bad for a nights work.


Now, the gameplay is largely the same, but with some new additions, like the Multi Ground takedown, the Bat Swarm and the most overpowered weapon in fiction, the Shock Gloves.

Ogoleithus: To operate these things, just fight scumbags and increase the charge. Once its done, press the stick buttons and have at em. The multiplayer is also a blast.

Graphics and nitpicks

Now, Gotham in this game looks like a serine postcard from some winter wonderland, while the side missions are rather impressive, our nitpicks however, are a weak soundtrack, and the multitude of glitches, other then that, it's all good.

Final Thoughts

Ogoleithus: Is Origins the weakest of the pack? Well sure it is, but even the weakest Batman Arkham game still curb stomps the lily livered fuck out of all of the modern Call of Duty games. It also helps that Roger Craig Smith, the man who voiced the batman in this game, took his cues from Christian Bale's Dark Knight. 4 Batarangs out of 5. We recommend it to anyone who wants to know how the story of the bat began.
Disenchanter render for SOTW by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Chiesa (Nickname: Chi)

Voice Actor: Cindy Robinson (ENG)/ Marina Inone (JP)


Lilium: Chiesa can cleanse any status with her moves. 

Enchanter: Chiesa's spells can enhance the moral of her allies.

Exclusive Items

Cursebreaker: Chiesa can negate spells with this.

Special Moves

Extinguished: Chi dispels the Burn stat from all of her allies

Warming Up: Chi dispels the Frozen stat from all of her allies.

Static: Chi fires a lightning bolt that inflicts Haste on her allies, speeding up the turn process

Time Stop: Chi fires off a beam that stops time for her enemies

Down To Earth: Chi forms a dome of earth around her allies.

Negate Attack: Chi blocks one attack.

Smoke and Mirrors: Chi creates hats to evade attacks.

Energy Guard: Chi creates an energy barrier that negates up to 2 attack

Climatic Attack

Disenchanted: Chi pulls out her staff and casts a spell that surrounds her opponent in a dark blue vortex and lifts him/her into the air. Chi then flies up to the opponent and creates a glowing ankh, (using magical hand movement[s]), casts magical energy from the glowing ankh, then the magic energy traps him/her in a golden glowing, diamond-shaped prison. "You are so going down." She says an enchantment, flips the prison upside down and sends it hurling toward the ground.

Max HP: 4300

Max MP: 4000

Max ATK: 2000

Max DEF: 2300



"Just so we're clear, i'm not a DND monster."

"Well, aren't you quick to anger?"

"Aww, your so flustered. It's kinda cute to be honest."


"It's funny really, i went from teasing you, to helping you, to marrying you. Life works strangely."


"Hey, Relax. I'm sure the kid'll do well."

"I dunno why your training him, but i'm curious to see how this'll turn out..."


"So, you and Ben gonna get action?"

"There's gotta be SOMETHING that set him on the path."


"What a darling little cutie."

"Who's a cute wittle 
fluff ball, your a cute wittle fluff ball, yes you are!"


"Take it easy there, Calidus, ya might throw your back out again."


"Don't worry, i'm sure the kid'll do well."

"I see that glint in your eyes, your planing on blowing up Benjamin, aren't you?"


"You and your kid brother may be up to my level, but i'm watching you."


"Same with you, Ivory."


"Disceting Fiends for science again, are we, Victor? I don't know if Odin'll approve or not.


"Call this being nitpicky, but how do you move around so fast in that armor?

Fiend Sword

"The legendary Fiend's Sword... It's a honor, really."


"Girl's night out?"

"Wow, guess your not picky about what you wear."
He Bo render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: He Bo

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Christopher Sabot

Intro: He Bo slinks onto the battlefield and says "I will drown you in the Yellow River!:

Outro: He Bo transforms into a blob of water and slinks off.

Special Moves

Water-Port: Using water from his river, He Bo teleports.

Water Cannon: He Bo fires a ball of water that splits into a scattershot.

Atlas of the Yellow River: He Bo's scroll opens up, slipping the opponent, and setting them up for a free hit.

Waterspout: He Bo fires a waterspout, and blasting them into the air.


God of the Yellow River: He Bo grabs the opponent and goes down, and punches the opponent in the chest, and then uppercuts them, breaking the skull. He then creates water blades and stabbing them in the eyes. He then grabs them again and lifts them up, and back down, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences 

Water Storm: He Bo creates a ball of water around his opponent and then compresses it, causing the opponent to break into a bloody ball of bones.

Suck It, T2: He Bo transforms into liquid water and sucks the opponent in, before going back to normal, but with a red whirlpool instead of a blue one.

Heartwarmer: He Bo creates a waterfall.

Ending: After drowning Darkness in his own blood, He Bo returned to his river and guards it from anyone, human, demon or otherwise. 
Arkham Asylum. A full blown masterpiece that was praised universally across the board from fans to critics, and the first good superhero game in years.

Ogoleithus: Who would've thought, however, that the game that got worshiped like it was being put on the top of Mt Olympus would be usurped by one of the best open world games of this decade. Bat-ladies and Bat-gentlemen, we give you, Batman, Arkham City!

Plot (spoiler alert)

Taking place a few years after the shitstorm in Arkham, Bruce Wayne, voiced once again by Kevin Conroy, is seen protesting outside of the newly built Arkham City, an open air penitentiary where a dying Joker, voiced with ungodly amounts of class by the legendary Mark Hamil, Penguin, who is voiced by Nolan North, who, to the uninitiated, is the guy who voices Nathen Drake in the Uncharted games. and Two-face, who is voiced by Troy Baker, who on his left side, is normal sounding, but in the right, it sounds like he's gargling soot, are waging war.

Ogoleithus: However, some Tyger guards pin Wayne down, and take him inside the Hell on earth that is Arkham City, where he is processed and is ready to meet his end via Penguin. That's when shit gets Batman. After freeing himself and going up to the roof of the Ace Chemicals building, he suits up, stops Two Face and saves some aid workers, one of whom being Officer Cash, who you may remember from the last game. After surviving an explosion, a insane fight, and being poisoned as well as fighting rouges like Grundy, voiced by Fred "The Hulk" Tatasciore, and Clayface, voiced by Rick Wassermann, Joker kicks the bucket, setting off Harley Quinn's Revenge. While all that is happening, Catwoman does a high risk stunt to some Tyger guards 

Taking place after the events of City, Revenge follows Robin, who goes to Quinn's hideout in search of his mentor, as well as a flashback to the Bat finding several keycards. Afterwards, Robin bails out the bat and the two bug the fuck out of the HQ as it explodes. 

Ogoleithus: As we said before, Arkham City blows Arkham Asylum out of the water in the story department. With a ending that'll have you crying, and a story that'll keep you glued to your controller, this game, plot wise, is one of the best games, and we're just getting warmed up.


Now while the free flow combat returns in full force, the new additions of disarming a scumbsack and destroying his weapon, a Beatdown and various other combat methods just add to the fun of turning a thugs ribcage into internal shrapnel.

Ogoleithus: The addition of various stealth and non stealth options are a nice touch, and add to the awesomeness.

All and all, the gameplay is every bit as solid.


Now the graphics and engine are just as awesome if not more, nuff said.

Final thoughts

This game slays harder then any Darkthrone album and, unlike Asylum, doesn't end with some stupid final boss.

Ogoleithus: It's not only a worthy successor to the kickassary that is Arkham Asylum, but also is an incredible game in its own right, with tons of side missions, a incredible soundtrack that i have to assume was inspired by the masterful Danny Elfman soundtrack of both Batman and Batman Returns, Arkham City is a respectable sendoff to the scariest clown this side of Pennywise... Until 2 games later. 5 batarangs out of 5. This shit is mandatory playing, or we cannot be friends.
Teke Teke render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Teke-Teke

Debut: Teketeke (2009)

Voice Actor: N/A

Intro: Teke-Teke slinks in, and summons her scythe from her blood.

Outro: Teke-Teke dismisses her scythe and uses her arms to walk away.

Special Moves

Arm Slide: Teke Teke slides on her arms.

Scythe Surf: Teke Teke surfs on her scythe, hitting the opponent.

Scythe Copter: Teke Teke uses her scythe like a helicopter blade to fly in front of or behind the opponent.

Blood Sphere: Teke Teke fires a blood sphere.


Sharp As Nails: Teke Teke uses her scythe to trip the opponent up, breaking the back. She then stabs them in the chest, breaking the ribs.

Final Sequences

Chop Shop: Teke Teke cuts the opponent's torso off with her scythe.

In Two: Teke Teke bisect the opponent with her scythe.

Heartwarmer: Teke Teke  tries jumping and fails.

Ending: With Darkness chopped in two by Teke Teke, she ditched her old scythe and picked up the god's weapon, feeling dark energy and a new found hovering power, she now haunts more places in Japan.
Henry Warden render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Henry Warden

Debut: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Voice Actor: N/A (only breaths via the apparatus on his mask)

Intro: Henry walks in, and points his pickaxe at the opponent.

Outro: Henry swings his pickaxe twice and raises it into the air.

Special Moves

Axe Throw: Henry throws his pickaxe, which then appears in his hands.

Spinning Axe: Henry swings his pickaxe in a arc. 

Axe Rush: Henry swings his axe and then lifts it with the opponent stuck into the air, dislodging them and setting them up for a free combo.

Rock And Roll: Henry summons a pickaxe (presumably his own) to come up from the ground.


My Bloody Valentine: Henry grabs the opponent and first punches them in the face, breaking the skull. he then plants the pickaxe into their leg, breaking the femur. He then does the same to the other femur, and then hits them one more time with the pickaxe, breaking the ribcage.

Final Sequences

Heartbreaker: Henry stabs the opponent in the chest with his pickaxe and drags it along. He then rips the opponent's heart out of the gash he made moments ago.

Jaw-Draping: Henry stabs the opponent in the jaw with his pickaxe. He then yanks back, ripping the jaw off.

Heartwarmer: Henry draws "I <3 Horror Brawl" on the camera in the blood from his pickaxe.

Ending: With Darkness tasting the cold steel from his pickaxe, Henry returned to his hometown, not in heroic fashion, but in resentment. He exiled himself to the mineshafts, where he sat in the shadows. 
Breaker the Magical Warrior by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Breaker

Voice Actor: Kevin Conroy (ENG)/Shô Hayami (JP)


Spells or Swordplay?: Breaker can shift between spells or swords

Power Counter: Breaker gets 30 MP for a Critical Strike when he's in your party.

Exclusive items

Sword of Magic: Breaker gets a 10% loot bonus if he's in party.

Special Moves

Both Stances

Shield Reflect: Breaker reflects an attack for 50% of the damage he would've taken.

Shield Charge: Breaker charges up an energy beam. After 2 turns, he fires it.

Shoulder Check: Breaker lunges at one enemy shoulder first.

Spellcaster Stance (Useful for long range attacks with varied stat boosts)

Fire Storm: Breaker summons a tornado of flame to hit all enemies.

Ice Spike: Breaker freezes any enemies in a x shape.

Thunder Storm: Breaker fires a lightning bolt in a straight light.

Swordsman Stance (This is more physical)

Upper Slash: Breaker uppercuts with his sword

Lunging Strike: Breaker lunges at enemies in a straight line

Karma Cut: After taking damage, Breaker slash at the opponent who attacked.

Climatic Attack (Spellcaster Stance)

Power Stone Blast: The gems on Breaker sword and shield erupt and create an energy giant that punches the ground, creating an energy eruption to detonate underneath all enemies.

Climatic Attack (Sword Stance)

Lightning Storm Slash: Breaker raises his sword into the air, wherein it is struck by lightning. He then charges at all opponents and performs a series of electricity enhanced slashes. He then ends it with a slash that hits all enemies.

Max HP: 2600

Max MP: 1900

Max Attack: 1600

Max Defense: 1000



"I may have saved you, human, but if you are a threat, i will not hesitate to cut you down.


"You insist on training an outsider? Mahad, for the sake of the camp, i hope you have not lost your sanity."


"I guess Odin would approve of you training the boy. But if he is a threat..."


"A fiend, helping a human? That's cause for alarm here."


"You have aged past your prime Callidus, it is best if you retire from teaching."


"Interesting, your explosive magic might be useful."


"You are nothing but a bully and a miscreant"


"Much like your brother, you are a bully!"


"How Odin hasn't exiled you for your inhumane experiments is beyond all of us."


"It's simple, Chisela, these magic runes are what keep the armor lightweight."

Fiend's Sword

"Incredible, a blade that can talk. I guess the prophecy was correct after all."


"Even though you are a woman, you still have the determination..."

Confession to Benna

"I will always be by your side, Benna. As both warrior, and husband."
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Please. The original as more than a week ago, and time's running out.
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Ancient Sorcerer render for SOTW by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Victor

Voice Actors for Victor: Steven Blum (ENG)/ Ryusei Nakao (JP)


Mad Scientist: Victor can send experiments to help with new materials.

Playing God: Should one of Victors allies fall, he can revive them at the cost of 10 MP per ally

Exclusive Item

Spell book of Chemicals: This book, which is not from the Royal Magical Library 
Special Moves

Lithium: Victor fires a beam of light.

Mercury: Victor fires metallic saw blades.

Hydrogen: Victor fires some water at the opponents 

Oxigen: Victor fires off a stream of wind at the opponent.

Titanium: Victor creates a shield around his allies 

Nitrogen: Victor fires a slow ball of ice.

Magnesium: Victor creates a stream of fire.

Neon: Victor fires off streams of light

Climatic Attack

Nuclear Holocaust (JP: Uranium Strike): "This is my masterpiece!" Victor unsheathes the Sword of Dark Rites and starts slashing at the opponent, until Victor gets out a unstable vile and tosses it. The explosion that follows can be seen from space
Max HP: 2300

Max MP: 1300

Max Attack: 1100

Max Defense: 1300



Victor: "So, a human in the monster world? Think of all the scientific advances I can make"


"You maybe respected in spell casting, but i am respected in science."


"Only time will tell if she's ready. Only time will tell."

"Now if your done, i would wish to take a sample of the boy."


Victor: "I wonder what makes them explode"


"I'm sure you'll manage, however, your back problems worry me."

"Seriously though. I am a scientist, not a doctor. There is a difference."


Victor: "Explosive magic, interesting... I think I can do the same back at the lab. However, with the unpredictability, i doubt it would be smart"


Victor: "Sorry, i have standards when it comes to research assistances. After all, you wouldn't last 5 seconds in the field of SCIENCE!"


"Crazy? At least i'm not a bully like your brother is."

"You do not understand the glory of SCIENCE, Ivory. If you understood that, we would not have a... What do they call it? Oh yes, a "falling out"


"I must commend you on bringing the boy in. He will be used to make great advances in science."


"Dear Chisela, i wonder why Odin picked you to help the boy..."


"I could use a aid in my studies, Benna."

Fiend's Sword

"Never seen a weapon like that before. I wonder who forged it."
Skilled White Magician by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Ivory

Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer (ENG)/Joji Nakata (JP)


Eclipser: If Ebony is in your party, Ivory's MP goes up by 10

Good Light: Ivory light skills have an increased chance 

Exclusive Items

Pitch Black Power Stone: See Skilled Dark Magician's profile for what it does.

Special Moves

Lightstorm: Ivory fires two beams of light

Holy Fire: Ivory fires off a light energy fireball

Stardust: Ivory fires off star shaped projectiles (think Kirby here)

Star Light: Ivory fires two lasers

Holy Dust: Ivory fires off holy energy particles, blinding the opponent.

Holy Scatter Shot: Ivory fires off a beam of energy in a scattershot style formation.

Holy Twister: Ivory fires off a tornado that hits all enemies.

Holy Explosion: Ivory fires a controlled explosion of light energy.

Holy Pillar: Ivory fires a upward beam of energy.

Climactic Attack

Light Em Up: "The light will end you!" Ivory fires a three pillars of light at the opponents feet. He then fires several arrows and energy beams.


Max Health: 3600

Max MP: 2500 

Max Attack: 1700

Max Defense: 1900



"My brother is right, you are not welcome here"

Dark Magician

"Mahad, you of all people should know he is a fiend"

"Chip on your shoulder tells me and my brother otherwise."

Dark Magican Girl

"Heh, who could ever trust her?"


"I'm with my brother on this. You are nothing but a fiend. Always have, always will be."

Stern Mystic

"Leave it to us to get rid of this bother."

Blast Magician

"You defend him? You really are stupid, even for someone who knows spells"

Skilled Dark Magician

"Brother, i agree with you, this outside is not worthy and the candle has failed us.:

Ancient Sorcerer

"You... Give me the creeps."


"You have our respect, Breaker."


"I did not do anything wrong, Chelsea, honest."


"Man or woman, any threat to us must be dealt with, brother"

Confession to Benna

"Maybe the candle was right all along, maybe... Just maybe, our confrontations were fate all along. I wouldn't mind if we stuck together for the rest of our days."

Fiend's Sword

"While you may not be a fiend, don't think for a second that we can't trust you." 


ask-theangelofsouls's Profile Picture
Johnny Petersen
United States
eh not much just john's dark side created through his insanity, i mean we are two sides of the same coin, if he dies i die i rest my case. I'm taken by Crystal.exe, and Kobi and Kat. and Phosphora who was revived, and Lynx and ally and all my fangirls

hobbies: Working out, Reading Old English, Going on adventures, Playing spanish guitar

Personality: Caring, Calm, has a bad temper, honorable to some extent. quiet most of the time. deep

DA Id made by: :iconpinkfreakcrystal:

:iconask-crystalexe: My dearest love. May we be the greatest of exe couples. I will protect you My little gem
:iconfandom-daydreams: your pretty and you picked the sexiest Exe, That's cool
:iconyourinmyworldnow: The guy who turned me into an exe. Me and him own a castle and he is my master. He's also the closest thing to a friend i've got. Our brolike hobies include madworld commentary and poking fun at others
:iconkatattak2012: she's a kirby turned human. Need i say More?
:iconpinkfreakcrystal: The normal part of her exe counterpart. Like a sister to me really. I'm not kidding
:iconsaxtonhaleplz: tick this guy off and you'll learn the hard way why he's the strongest Aussie in TF2. He's the CEO of Mann CO whose motto is "we sell products and get in fights
:iconchuck-norrisplz: the guy who is on good terms with me. tick him off and your dead meat

:iconaskcaiseythehomeless: i saved her from death and i'm currently training her

Me+Saxton Hale+Chuck Norris= the 3 manliest men ever

people i have a lot of respect for: Sonic.exe: the guy who i work with. Without him my life is nothing
Ghost black: don't ask
Bane: you may be strong but your knowledge of spanish and a gift makes you a heartfelt individual

Shannon.exe: you still have not developed your powers

fellow pasta monsters: some i like others i don't like


Zalgo: you left my friend for dead and for that you will pay dearly!

clothes: now i wear a jet black poncho with two .50 caliber revolvers holstered in my belt with a jet black pair of pants and i have dyed my hair black and slicked it back showing why this angel fell to darkness and nothingness after the bombings in Boston. the shoes and pants and cape are still there and i now have a horse named nightmare

Fangirls: Crystal, Brianna, another crystal... ,Jessie Shannon, Sonia and Sally (sorry pal) Mary, Kat kyra alains larua Jamie Kobi, Ayeka, Kat, June, Phoshphora… or…

backstory: a creation of Exe and My other's subconscious I will stop at nothing to bring souls to exe and make Crystal happy.

Headcannons: is a hopeless romantic. Likes H.P Lovecraft and William Shakespeare. Likes getting it on. Hates Zalgo and all Z infected. Is willing to protect his friends, was almost killed by Jeff... Broke sonic the werehog's back
little known fact: my chest hair is shaped like Exe's I am god smile
ablities: enhanced reflexes, teleportation, powers over darkness, skilled marksman, hand to hand and swordsplay prowess. ability to survive fatal wounds, and superhuman strength

agliment in human word: hopersen army

statis: antihero

is now a pacifist after fateful day.

current job: assassin
Help save a man's life please repost!classically-depunk.deviantart.…
:iconclassically-depunk: needs our help to save her father. You CAN help and it's simple to do so. Just repost on your own journal with a link to the original. 
Please. The original as more than a week ago, and time's running out.
here's the petition…=p (Razz)etitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink

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