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Johnny Petersen (or just John)
United States
Well, you know me as the creator of Horror Brawl, but i'm also prone to pop culture references.

Hobbies: Horror Brawl Bio Creation, RPing with friends.

Likes: Horror Brawl, dunking people, Rping, humor, movesets, Secular Talk, Youtube, QG, Movies that are good, good presidents (mainly Obama)

Dislikes: Hillery Clinton, Donald Trump, hypocrits, fundamentalism, Quan Chi, Hsu Hao, Joker (to a extent, due to Mark Hamil's voice.) Paul Feig,

DA Id made by: :iconpinkfreakcrystal:


Crop Top by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Patrick Sawyer

Debut: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Voice Actor: Bill Moseley 

Intro: Chop Top walks in, picking his chrome plate with his coat hanger and saying "Lick my plate, punk."

Outro: Chop Top picks his flesh and then eats it, saying "Y'know, i dealt with Viet Cong tougher then you"

Special Moves

Combat Knife: Chop Top slashes with a combat knife.

Pot Head: Chop Top strikes the opponent in the head with a pot

Picky Eater: Chop Top picks on the flesh near his implant and eats it, healing him.

Thick-Headed: Chop Top headbutts the opponent with his chrome plate.


Nam Vet: Chop Top gets out a machete and first slashes the opponent's chest, breaking the ribs and making them kneel. He then slams it down, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Jungles of Nam: The scene shifts to the jungles of Vietnam in the 1960's, as the opponent walks around scared. The opponent then looks up and notices Punji stakes flying to then, putting holes in the opponent and sending them flying into some more stakes, impaling them.

Barbed Wire Evesieration: Chop Top gets out a barbed wire and puts the wire around the opponent''s legs, he then slices up through the opponent's groin. The opponent then attempts to defend himself on only one knee, Chop Top then wraps the wire around the opponent's neck and puts the hunters head on his knee and twists it around, decapitating him.

Heartwarmer: Chop Top hands the opponent a radio and walks off, leaving the opponent to scratch the opponent.

Ending: With the help of his brother, Letherface, Chop Top cut Darkness to ribbons. The two helped their father win several contests involving chili while the two were praised for their bravery.
Horror Brawl Request 267: Chop Top
Okay guys. This'll be the last bio i'll do before my vacation. See you in 2 weeks

I'm taking a 2 week break from Horror Brawl tomorrow. Just wanted to let you lovely people know that. But don't worry. On 11/5/16, you'll see them all again
N.A.C.H.T Clowns. First Demons, then Oni, now THIS? *groans* King, where's Batman when we need him.
Juliet Starling render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Juliet Starling

Debut: Lollypop Chainsaw (2012)

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Intro: Juliet walks onto the arena and sucks on her lollipop and then gets done with it and throws it away. She picks up her chainsaw and says, "Let's go."

Outro: Juliet swings her chainsaw and thrusts it to the ground. She then does a pin-up pose with it and winks at the screen.

Special Moves

Chainsaw Blaster: Juliet's chainsaw becomes a blaster and Juliet shoots her opponent with it.; can be done rapidly.

Pom-Pador: She attacks her opponent with a combo move involving dancing with her pom-poms.

Chainsaw Rush: 
Juliet dashes towards her opponent with a chainsaw strike.

Nick Toss: 
She uses Nick's head like a flail and swings him at her opponent.


Knightly Whoopass: 
Juliet rams her chainsaw onto her opponent's chest, busting the ribcage and heart. She then does a backflip which contains a kick to the opponent's chin, fracturing the mandible.

Final Sequences

Not Twilight, Honest: 
Juliet readies her chainsaw and impales her opponent by the abdomen. She then cuts the opponent in half upward, leading to the split-in-half opponent falling as rainbows and sparkles spurt out of him/her instead of blood. Juliet turns around and winks at the screen.

I Cut You: 
Juliet gets her chainsaw and severs her opponent's torso. She then jumps up and does a turning twirl as she saws off the opponent's left arm and then splits him/her in half.

Heartwarmer: Juliet looks at the camera and blows a kiss.

Ending (narrated by Juliet): 
Hi. My name is Juliet Starling. You may have noticed by now that I just stumbled upon a world like this after kicking a lot of demon ass. I can't believe Swan befriended some vampiric-looking weirdo Quan Chi just to get his revenge on San Romero High School over me supposedly rejecting him. But anyways, despite having won against an evil god named Darkness, I never got to face Quan Chi yet, that is until Quan Chi himself showed up and took away the head of my boyfriend Nick, bringing him to the Netherrealm with him. So I managed to follow him there. Of course I had slice through all he zombies and monsters that were getting in my way, except for one inhabitant of that realm who attacked me at first. We both befriended each other after he told me he wanted to kill Quan Chi. So we came to where Mr. Pasty was and he was offering Nick to Shinnok, obviously for some sick ritual or something. So we both kicked both Quan Chi's and Shinnok's dicks. Of course while Scorpion's reason for wanting to kill the sorcerer had to do with the past I guess while my reason was to stop the zombie apocalypse he started at my school, which totally ruined my 18th birthday at first. After saving my boyfriend, both of us and Scorpion were transported back to Earthrealm by those two guys, Raiden and Fujin, who were brought us back to my dad and my sisters, which surprised me besides the fact that Nick magically gained a new body. We all head home and celebrated my 18th birthday with everyone at the house. This, as I began to realize, was the best birthday ever.
Horror Brawl Request 266: Juliet Starling
So, with Juliet... Well...

Oichi: Chainsaw Girl need friend?
Okay, Manga deck boxes are complete, Just gotta tell Akiza and King tomorrow and his hay fever will get dunked on.
Lefty render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: LT Boude Enright

Debut: Texas Chainsaw Massacare 2 (1986)

Voice Actor: Michael Rooke

Intro: Lefty walks into the arena and says "I'm the lord of the harvest!" and revs his chainsaws.

Outro: Lefty crosses his chainsaws in the air in victory, saying "Bring it Down!"

Special Moves

Saw Strikes: Lefty slashes with both his chainsaws or his giant chainsaw.

Saw Sweep: Lefty sweeps his chainsaws around or his Megasaw in a slashing motion.

Megasaw Slash: Lefty slashes with his giant chainsaw

Weapon Swap: Lefty switches  between chainsaws.


I'm The Sheriff: Lefty charges at the opponent  and slashes three times, breaking the ribs.Sure. He then Suslashes through their stomach, and as so, we see the organs being ruptured.

Final Sequences

Ballsy: Lefty revs his twin chainsaws and cuts the opponents arms off. He then gets out his megasaw and slashes at the opponent's groin, cutting the you know whats off, and then cutting the opponent in half.

Texas' Finest: Lefty shoves the megasaw down the opponent's throat and then jumps up to stomp on them forcing the weapon out through the mouth.

Heartwarmer: Lefty first creates a wood statue of the late Dennis Hopper and then a ice sculpture of Gunner Hanson  with his chainsaws.

Ending: Having cut down all opposition, Lefty managed to become a threat to the Sawyers Many tried to calm him down and all failed. Now with his family avenged, he returned to as close a normal life as possible.
Anyone else think that the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie will have followups much like the movies, or is it just me
Well, the deck boxes are done, Akiza's shacked up with King. Yep. It's a good day to be me... Now then- Wait. If all 5 Signers are in this Island as well as the... Uh... King?
You know what i hate? People who think i'm a racist for no apparent reason. 

Remember, if you point the finger at me, your pointing it at yourself.

This has been a public service announcement from Ask-theangelofsouls.
Pun. All comedy is derived from fear.

(I use comedy to mask my sadness and inner torment.)

Ryu render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Ryu

Debut: Street Fighter (1987)

Voice Actor: Kyle Herbert

Intro: Ryu tightens his bandana and says, "The answer lies in the heart of battle!" And gets ready to fight.

Outro: Ryu folds his arms, looks at the opposite direction and says to himself, "I must train harder." We're then treated with a cutscene of Ryu meditating under a waterfall.

Special Moves

Hadoken: Ryu shoots his famous hadouken fireball move. Charge it up and it becomes Shinku Hadoken, which is a bigger version of the regular Hadoken. Tap and it becomes Ren Hadoken, where Ryu fires five small quick Hadokens at the opponent in rapid succession. Each Hadoken moves quicker than a standard one but deal minimal damage. Input Down Forward 1&2 and you get Baku Hadoken where Ryu fires a red Hadoken that disappears quickly as soon as it leaves Ryu's hands, before reappearing and detonating in a fiery explosion. Inputting Down Forward 3 and you get Sakuretsu Hadoken, where he fires off a crimson fireball.

Shoryuken: Ryu uppercuts his opponent way up. Charge it up and it becomes Hado Shoryuken where Ryu will release blue, fiery ki just after the uppercut, sending the opponent higher into the air and dealing more damage.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Ryu spins around like a top with a kick.

Joudan Sokutogeri: Ryu takes a small step back and delivers a powerful side kick, sending the opponent flying all the way back into the other side of the battlefield.


Metsu: A combination of Metsu Hadouken and Metsu Shoryuken, but Ryu starts off with two punches and then a kick. As the opponent gets dizzy, Ryu fires his Metsu Hadouken fireball at the opponent, knocking him/her far away and breaking the ribs. Ryu then rushes and does the Metsu Shoryuken with a two-punch uppercut that sends the opponent flying high-up into the air, fracturing the jaw. Afterwards, the opponent falls down to the ground.

Final Sequences

Ningen Shoryuken: Ryu focuses all his energies into his fist, then slams it into the opponent's chin in a powerful uppercut. After a second, their jaw breaks. Another second later and the jawbone is reduced to pieces. On the third and final second, Ryu's shoryuken goes all the way through, completely obliterating the skull and sending pieces of bone, blood, and brain into the air. Ryu looks at his handiwork in time to see the headless body fall to the ground.

Evil Ryu: Ryu growls as his skin darkens, his eyes and hair turn red, and is engulfed by a red aura. He punches them right through the gut, then seizes them around the shoulders. With a sudden pull, he rips the opponent clean in two. After holding their still-bleeding torso in the air like a trophy, he dumps them on the ground and kicks them away in disgust.

Heartwarmer: Ryu helps the opponent up

Ending: As Ryu traveled for the strongest fighters to face, he stumbled upon another world, a world that was going to end. Seeing what was going on, Ryu sided with the Camps to help them combat the one responsible . This also gave Ryu the opportunity to face the strongest of champions as he fought his way through the Cult of Darkness, until he finally came to confront Darkness in the Dark Arena. Upon defeating the god, the Cult has fallen but rather than celebrating the victory for the Camps, Ryu left the world and returned to his own for the Camps' purposes meant nothing to him. Ever since his adventures in a parallel universe, Ryu now seeks to fight those who are not only stronger than himself, but are also super powered like the ones he faced in the other world.
Headless Horseman render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Headless Horseman

Debut: Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Voice Actor: N/A

Intro: HH is seen riding his horse to the battle. He dismounts and points his sword at the opponent before spinning it and gets ready.

Outro: HH crosses his sword and axe in victory, before getting on his horse

Special Moves

Revolution Rifle: HH fires a revolutionary era riffle.

Axe Strike: HH swings his axe down.

Sword Beam: HH fires a crescent projectile from his sword.

Horseback: HH's horse gallops on screen and hits the opponent 


Sword, Axe, And Powder: HH strikes at the opponent with his sword, breaking the ribs. He then smashes the opponent the opponent's skull with his axe. He then shoots the opponent with a long rifle, sending them flying.

Final Sequences 

Show's Over: HH summons a Iron Maiden and kicks the opponent into it and slams the door. He then opens it, and blood and the opponent plop down

Off With Your Head: HH unsheaths his sword and spins it before decapitating the opponent .

Heartwarmer: A random fruit lands on his head and HH gives a thumbs up.

Ending: Having decapitated Darkness, The Headless Horsman returned to Sleepy Hollow where he continued with what he was good at.
Albert King render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Albert King

Debut: Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

Voice Actor: Issac C Singleton Jr

Intro: Albert lands down and cracks his knuckles, saying "Time for Asskicking 101." while pointing a fist at the opponent.

Outro: Albert lets out a roar and then laughs, saying "You never stood a chance against the Goaith"

Special Moves 

Jester Shot: Albert fires a white and green projectile from his fists

Harleyquinn Uppercut: Albert does a white and green streaked uppercut

Clown Knee: Albert does a knee strike

Tremors: Albert punches the ground, creating a earthquake.


Shattering: Albert delivers two Haymaker punches and then a punch to the abdomen, causing the intestines to bleed out. The opponent starts vomiting blood from the impact of the punch and Albert lifts the opponent and headbutts him/her so hard that it fractures the entire skull like crazy. The opponent is knocked out.

Final Sequences

Berserker: Albert 
gets mad and starts punching his opponent in the face three times, with the third time breaking apart the entire head into bloody pieces. The headless opponent falls.

Brutal Striker: Albert 
punches the opponent so hard in the face, that their head comes flying off (with the spinal cord still attached to it). He then punches the headless opponent in the chest, which causes blood to erupt from open wound. The opponent then falls on the ground.

A hanging piece of meat descends down between Mr. Sandman and his opponent. Mr. Sandman holds the big piece of meat and uses it as a punching bag, encouraging his opponent to punch it non-stop.

Ending: With Darkness gone and the Infection cured, Albert King, the Goliath returned to the Boxing circuit better then 
ever. Now he racks up knockouts faster and better then ever.
Horror Brawl Request 262: Albert King
Up Next

Headless Horseman

Reptile Render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Syzoth

Debut: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Voice Actor: Steve Blum 

Intro: Reptile is in the Lost Forest, stalking a passing farmer in a straw hat. As he's about to punch onto the unexacting farmer, which does alert the farmer, he quickly disappears just before he touches him. Reptile is teleported to the battlefield, looks around, and turns his attention towards his opponent with a hiss, saying "You will feel my bite!"

Outro: Reptile wraps his tongue around his opponent's neck and drags him/her close to him. Reptile grabs onto the opponent, turns him/her around and then the camera cuts to a shot of his and the opponent's feet. Reptile is presumably eating the opponent's cranium and the opponent is screaming in terror as he/she struggles.

Special Moves

Force Ball: Reptile throws a green energy sphere at his opponent.

Acid Hand: Reptile 
makes a ball of acid with his hand and throws it at his opponent.

Reptile disappears or reappears in a puff of green smoke.

Elbow Strike: Reptile 
dashes through his opponent with an elbow strike.


Sneaky Lizard: 
Reptile turns invisible. His opponent starts looking everywhere, wondering what's going on until the invisible Reptile jams his claws into the opponent's chest, breaking through the ribcage and crushing the lungs into a bloody explosion. He then zips out and reappears behind the opponent, grabbing his/her head from behind. He gouges the opponent's eyes with his claws and then finishes it all by twisting his/her neck. He let's go of the brutalized opponent who falls on his/her stomach and Reptile turns visible again.

Final Sequences

Claw Frenzy: Reptile kicks the opponent down and continuously claws at his opponent's head until it is cut off.

A New Facial: 
As the name implies, Reptile hops on the opponent's legs and shoulders and proceeds to savagely eat the opponent's face, leaving behind chunks of blood in the process. Once done, he jumps off and wipes away some of the blood on his face while the opponent staggers back in pain before plummeting to the ground as some leftover blood spills on the floor, showing a close up of the victim's now-mutilated head.

Reptile pulls out a Reptile Doll and a message appears onscreen saying "Buy a Reptile Doll."

As the shockwave caused by Darkness' death rattled the surrounding crater, the arena on which Reptile stood began to crumble. A fissure opened to reveal a sarcophagus of familiar design. Reptile unlocked the curious artifact to find a female Zaterran. As she awoke, Reptile felt himself slowly reverting back to his humanoid form. The glory of Zaterra will return once more!
Annex - Veidt, Conrad (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) 01 by ask-theangelofsouls

Names: Dr Caligari/Cesare 

Debut: The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)

Voice Actors: James Arnold Taylor (Caligari)/Fred Tatasciore (Ceaser)

Intro: Caligari walks onto the arena with a coffin, and opens it, showing Ceaser, who sits up and walks out, growling.

Outro: Caligari smirks and says "Well done, Ceaser."

Special Moves

Ceaser Fist: Ceaser punches the opponent hard.

Bearhug: Ceaser traps the opponent in a devastating bearhug.

Come On Down: Ceaser grabs the aerial opponent and slams them down.

Back Breaker: Ceaser slams the opponent's back on his knee.


Up To 11: Ceaser grabs the opponent and punches them in the chest, breaking the ribs. He then lifts them up, and first snaps their back on his knee, then he slams them down on the ground, breaking their neck.

Final Sequences

Spinal Snap: Ceaser performs a backbreaker that is strong enough to break his opponent in half

Blunt Force Trauma: Ceaser charges at his opponent with a punch  causing the opponent's head to fly on impact.

Heartwarmer: Dr Caligari does his typical con artist 
nonsense, but the opponent doesn't buy it.

Ending: Despite being a hero for defeating Darkness, Caligari was arrested for his fraud and was sentenced to life without parole for the violence and bloodshed his "patient" has caused.
Hulk render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Bruce Banner

Debut: The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)

Voice Actor: Fred Tatasciore

Intro: Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk. As The Hulk, he roars and says, "YOU NO LIKE IT WHEN HULK ANGRY!!!"

Outro: Hulk says "Who's next?" and picks up his defeated opponent, piledrives him/her and causes the stage to shake and rocks start falling close-up covering the screen. We're then treated with a scene of The Hulk with his laying down opponent in the streets of a demolished city, surrounded by piles of concrete rubble and demolished street furniture. Hulk shouts at the sky, "HULK STRONGEST THERE IS!!!"

Special Moves

Gamma Charge:  Hulk charges at his opponent to shoulder him/her.

Gamma Wave: Hulk flips some earth, popping the opponent up.

Gamma Tornado: Hulk grabs onto his opponent and twirls him/her around before throwing him/her

Impact Punch: Hulk charges his fist and punches his opponent from far awa


Hulk SMASH!: Hulk roars angrily and grabs onto his opponent. He begins to slam the opponent in different directions, breaking the ribs. Then he uppercuts the opponent into the air and jumps high up, only to reappear hurdling down at the opponent with a huge meteorite, which breaks the skull. The meteorite hits the opponent and they both fall down to the ground in full force with The Hulk jumping off of it.

Final Sequences

Final Sequences

Hulk Smash!: Hulk tackles his enemy to the ground, towers above them, pins them with his foot, then proceeds to repeatedly punch their face. The more he punches, the more the enemy’s skull begins to cave in. The fatality ends when the skull is no more than splattered bone, blood, and brains and Hulk’s fists are dyed red with blood.

Hulk Snap You: Hulk takes his opponent’s neck in one hand, their legs in the other, then jumps in the air. He comes down to slam them into his knee with such force that they break clean in two on impact.

Heartwarmer: Hulk notices the opponent frightened, and says "Hulk no hurt you, Hulk smash puny god" before grabbing a offscreen Loki, and slams him around like a ragdoll. He then says "Puny god no hurt opponent!"

Ending: Bruce Banner was too dangerous to be around when he was The Hulk, so his partners from S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to put him away in a shuttle to a peaceful dimension where he would learn to control himself. Unfortunately, he wound up in a war torn universe. While the Cult and the Camps were at war with each other, he didn't care to join either side, but rather challenge both sides to a fight for superiority. The Hulk has brutalized every member of each faction, be it Cult or Camp, until he faced his last opponent, which was Darkness himself. The Hulk and Darkness fought each other in a battle that nearly destroyed the entire world that he was to end. With enough damage being done throughout the planet, the outcome of this ferocious battle remains unknown as to this day.
Horror Brawl Request 259: Hulk
Hulk: Hulk wish Doll Girl well with Dark Aspie...
Morrigan Aensland render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Morrigan Aensland

Debut: Darkstalkers (1994)

Voice Actor: Erin Fitzgerald

Bats swarm around the battlefield and out from a black portal on the ground emerges Morrigan Aensland. Morrigan purrs, "I hope we can have some fun."

Bats appear around Morrigan and they combine together into a comfy chair for Morrigan to sit on. Morrigan sits on them and says, "Perhaps we shall play again sometime."

Special Moves

Soul Fist: 
Morrigan shoots a bat-shaped energy projectile at her opponent.

Shadow Blade: Morrigan 
uppercuts her opponent with an arm blade.

Vector Drain: Morrigan 
drags her opponent up as she flies up and does a spinning piledrive.

Shell Kick: Morrigan 
uses her legs like a drill and attacks her opponent with them.


Darkness Illusion: 
Morrigan hits her opponent first and then a mirror of herself appear behind the opponent. Both Morrigans do a series of punches and kicks as they all go high up in the air, breaking the ribs. After all of it, they finish with a downward kick that knocks the opponent to the ground, fracturing the skull.

Final Sequences

Shadow Servant: Morrigan summons many shadows to pop up and slash up the opponent. She then watches the opponent fall into pieces before laughing.

Finishing Shower: 
Morrigan unleashes several homing rockets but starts by shooting one at the opponent. separating the entire opponent in different body parts. She then lets out a bunch of rockets at all of the opponent's dismembered parts into bloody chunks.

Morrigan swirls to a quick outfit switch, in which she wears a red, fancy dress with black long gloves, black high heels and a pearl necklace. She gets out a rose, folds her arms while holding the rose on her left hand and, using her right hand, blows a kiss to the screen. The kiss forms a sparkly purple cloud that gets close to the camera but then dissolves.

Having defeated Darkness in the human world, before Morrigan Aensland left the place, she gave the almost-dying god a chance to dream the things he's never dreamt before. She kissed the god and sucked out his life source, rendering him into a decaying cadaver. Morrigan returned to her palace and went back to her princess duties, though she got bored quickly from such things. It was until then that she received news of her father, Belial Aensland, has passed away. Morrigan Aensland began to take her royal duties seriously, especially during a power conflict in the realm of Makai, which is she is currently trying to stop.
Horror Brawl Request 258: Morrigan Aensland
Oichi: Big Sis Iza, think ms Bat-Girl is a lovely as you?
Kenshi Takahashi render for HOrror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Kenshi Takahashi

Debut: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (2002)

Voice Actor: Vic Chao

Intro: In the Living Forest Kenshi draws his Sento sword as he's about to decapitate the weakened Shang Tsung, but Shang Tsung prevents this from happening by teleporting Kenshi into the battlefield. Kenshi stops for a minute but then focuses his attention to his opponent. He says, "An eye for an eye!" as he swings his sword

Outro:  Kenshi lets go of his Sento blade only to telekinetically hold it, spin it around and thrust it to the ground.

Special Moves

Spirit Charge: Kenshi gives his opponent a psychic shoulder attack.

Rising Karma: Kenshi uppercuts his opponent with an upward slash.

Telekinetic Slash:  Kenshi telekinetically shoves the Sento sword at his opponent and starts slashing away.

Tele-Fury: Kenshi  punches and kicks his opponent telekinetically.


It's The Soul Blade: Kenshi lets go of his Sento sword and telekinetically throws it at his opponent's abdomen. When he does this, he teleports close to his opponent and hits him/her in the face with the Sento's handle, breaking the skull. He then slashes upward, slashing the ribs and sending the opponent up into the air and then holds the sword telekinetically as he spins it like a wheel. He hurdles the spinning sword at the aerial opponent and then teleports up into the air to downward slash the opponent onto the ground.

Final Sequences

A Little Stretch: Kenshi lifts the opponent into the air as his arms slowly spread out, with the victim following suit as their body begins to further stretch and expand outwards until the body snaps in two. 

Getting Worn Out?: Kenshi grabs his opponent and punches them several times before ending it with a kick that seperates them from their legs.

Heartwarmer: Kenshi tries balancing Sento on his palm, the words "Do not try this at home" appearing in bold font

Having defeated Darkness, Kenshi joined Takeda on his quest to avenge his mother's Suchin's murder. Their travels took them to a cave where he and Takeda freed a man, Taven, encased in a stalagmite. Kenshi told Taven that his brother, Daegon, was the founder of the Red Dragon assassin clan. Daegon had not only murdered Suchin, but his and Taven's parents as well. Together, Kenshi, Takeda, and Taven laid siege to the Red Dragon base. Daegon fell victim to Kenshi's rage. Suchin's murder had been avenged.
Horror Brawl Request 257: Kenshi Takahashi
Personally i love Kenshi's personality in MKX. He's like a mix of a male Katana, Daredevil and Spider-man 
Captain Amercia render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Steve Rodgers

Debut: Captain America Comic #1

Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith (Samuel L Jackson voices Nick Fury)

Intro: There'a a shot of the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier in the sky and Captain America is about to jump off of it. Nick Fury says, "You ready, Cap?" and Captain America responds, "Ready, Commander Fury!" and jumps off of it. He lands onto the battlefield with his shield.

Outro: Captain America "Just out doing my job!" sets up a flagpole and releases the American Flag to wave in the air. He salutes to the screen as he holds his shield close to himself.

Shield Slash: Captain America throws his shield at his opponent.

Charging Star: Captain America 
rams his shield at his opponent.

Stars and Stripes: Captain America 
uppercuts his opponent with his shield as he flies up.

Backflip: Captain America 
does a kicking backflip at his opponent.


Final Justice: 
Captain America bashes his opponent with his shield, breaking the ribs. He then repeatedly beats up the opponent with said shield. He uppercuts him/her into the air, breaking the ribs. He slides to the other side as he shoots him/her and then he jumps up and rams the opponent into the ground in full force with the shield, breaking the neck

Final Sequences

Death Discus: Captain America takes his shield and hurls it at the opponent, the shield going right through their neck. For a moment, it appears that nothing has happened, then the opponent falls to the ground and their head rolls off their neck, Cap's shield returning to his hand.

Eagle's Wrath: Cap knees the opponent in the gut, then slams a foot into their knee, bending it the wrong way with a "snap". As they fall to a kneeling position, he takes his shield in both hands and slams the edge down on top of the opponent's skull, splitting it clean in two, causing them to fall down, dead.

Heartwaarmer: Cap hands the 
opponent a S.H.I.E.L.D brochure 

Ending: After having dealt with H.Y.D.R.A. during World War 2, Captain America was brought to the modern era with a multiversial mission. His mission being to aid the Camps at another universe against the tyrannical Cult. Because of his strong sense of patriotism and freedom, he was willing to help out. Using the same tactics he had during World War 2, the Regime was no match for Captain America. With the Cult of Darkness about to collapse, Captain America captured the god and brought him over to his universe, The High Councilor was put in solitary confinement by S.H.I.E.L.D. in accordance to Nick Fury, who then enlisted him into S.H.I.E.L.D. as head of a superhero team called The Avengers.
Friends, if your reading this Journal, then congrats, you have found out a tragitiy that scars me to this day. The Sandy Hook massacre, not just because kids got shot up, but because it happened on my birthday. Now December 14th is now a day that haunts me to this day... A day of happiness, now a nightmare... It's best if you see Cyote's two cents...  

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*Captian Falcon and Little Mac rush over to Ogoleithus's Fatal Blow bar*

:iconcaptainfalconplz::iconsays3plz:Hey demon god, what's your 25cents on the upcoming Nintendo Switch?

:iconlittlemacplz::iconsays3plz:Yeah, it's just been announced! I know sprite-genius already talked about it in his journal but still!
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
Ogoleithus: Well... I'll wait till it drops to chime in.
SneakyLizard Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Another moveset is…
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
Dragon-Kid Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Now that Jonathan Mukuasa's Rumble Crisis started, Wang Long's guest entry for Horror Brawl is now in planning stages.
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Wha-WHA! Your doing a guest bio too?
Dragon-Kid Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2016
No, I actually suggest that. He already appeared as a guest in the first LotU.
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Ahh... Right. Hmm...
ComicReadingGamer Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
Here's another of my old ideas: comicreadinggamer.deviantart.c…
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
As i said Josh. I am a propane of the classics
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
This one of your older projects?
ComicReadingGamer Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Oh, yes. I even made a whole series off of it.
SneakyLizard Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Regarding when I showed the folder of my MK vs Mega Man X crossover, these are the characters that appear in…

I figured I'd show ya since you said you'd include every character from that and MK vs Nintendo (minus Quan Chi).
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
Domo Arigato, Rye.

(Thank you in japanese nomenclature)
SneakyLizard Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Check out what I made…
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
You HAD to ruin my day, did ya?
SneakyLizard Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Rye: I'm sorry. But hey, it's better than me being depressed and all, right?
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
*Hotaru facepalms*
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ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
Wow, dude. That's awesome.

*Mai and Cloud are seen looking out the window at the sky*
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