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False alarm, the guy overreacted. In other news, Arnold Palmer passed away the other day. I wasn't even born when the guy hit the golfing scene. 
Man-Bat render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Dr Kirk Langstrom

Debut: Detective Comics #400 (1970)

Voice Actor: Loren Lester (Kirk) and Frank Welker (Man Bat SFX)

Intro: Kirk is seen transforming into the Man-Bat, and when it's complete, it screeches at the opponent

Outro: Man-Bat screeches and transforms back to Kirk, who blacks out from what he did back there.

Special Moves

Wing Blast: Man-Bat flies backward, creating a gust of wind to set the opponent up for a free hit.

Bat Drill: Man-Bat flies forward, spinning his body like a drill.

Blood Drain: Man Bat pins the opponent down and sucks a bit of their blood, increasing his health in the process

Onward and Upward: Man-Bat uppercuts the opponent with both of his wings.


Bat, Or Man?: Man-Bat does a upward leg kick, breaking the jaw. He then does another one, launching then into the air. He then chases after them and does a headbutt, breaking the ribs and knocking them back down to the floor.

Final Sequences 

Going Up: Man-Bat flies to the opponent and and takes half of his opponent's body. The head falls back down moments later.

The Thirst Is Real: Man-Bat  
roars then pounces on his opponent, and begins to bite into their neck, draining their blood. After spitting out chunks of flesh, he bites again, then kicks their drained corpse to the floor. 

Heartwarmer: Man-Bat turns back into Kirk and begins to 
develop hearing aids, saying "I knew this was a bad idea..."

Ending: The merging of worlds by Darkness had cause Kirk to transform into the Man-Bat at will, but with Darkness out of the way, Kirk realized that he saved the world, with the god's dying words, he resurrected Francine. The two now live a happy life, but pitty to those who get between the two, lest the Man-Bat comes out.
Deathstroke render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Slade Wilson 

Debut: The New Teen Titans Vol 2 #1 (1980)

Voice Actor: Ron Perlman

Intro: Deathstroke loads up his M9, chambers a round, and holsters it. He then sheaths his sword and cocks his 50. Cal and slings it before popping his neck, saying "You prefer steel or lead?"

Outro: Deathstroke walks away and it shifts to a undisclosed location, where a computer voice is saying "Contract pending. Contract fulfilled. Receiving next target." as Deathstroke tosses a knife in his hands.

Special Moves

Quick Fire: Deathstroke fires his M9s

Machine Gun: Deathstroke fires his 50 Cal

Sword Flip: Deathstroke swings his sword in a flipping angle

Sword Spin: Deathstroke spins with his sword erect.


World's Deadliest: Deathstroke pistol whips his opponent in the face, cracking the skull. He then slashes his opponent in the chest, slicing the ribcage. Afterwards, he kicks him/her to the ground.

Final Sequences

Boom! Headshot!: Deathstroke stabs his opponent in the gut with his sword, walks away, turns around and shoots them in the head, causing it to explode.

Slice and Snap: 
Deathstroke slices his opponent with his sword causing them to fall to their knees. He then grabs his/her head and twists the neck.

Heartwarmer: Deathstroke notices a silhouette target and shoots it.

Ending: With Darkness' defeat, Deathstroke returned into the limelight as the best assassin. He took in other assassins to create an new organization to take down corrupt officials. Soon, all will fear the Deathstrike Clan.
Catwoman render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Selina Kyle 

Debut: Batman #1 (1940)

Voice Actor: Grey Delisle 

Intro: Catwoman hands Isis (her pet cat) a diamond saying "You run along now." Isis jumps off as she turns to face her opponent, saying "I got business to attend to"

Outro: Catwoman flips away while laughing. The scene shifts to her apartment, where she examines the diamond.

Special Moves

Whipped: Catwoman cracks her whip ether straight or at an angle.

Cat Dash: Catwoman slashes at the opponent.

Feline Roll: Catwoman summersaults out of the way

Cat's Claws: Catwoman slashes away at her opponent.


Cat's Eye:  Catwoman slashes her opponent twice across the face, clutches her opponent brutally by the groin, destroying the genitals of the opponent (if male. Nothing happens to the females) lifts her opponent over her shoulder by his groin and shoulder, and tosses her opponent overhead and onto their head, breaking the skull and neck.

Final Sequences

Cat Scratch Fever: Catwoman uses her claws to slice up and dice up the opponent nine times until he/she ends up into a bloody mess with multiple lacerations and cut-up areas like the head and limbs.

Get Cut: Catwoman throws out metal pieces for her gloves that make them into long, retractable claws. After they come into contact with the gloves, she retracts the claws and uses them slice up her opponent into bits and pieces.

Heartwarmer: Isis, Catwoman's pet cat, comes to her with a metal bowl in her mouth and drops it. Catwoman gets out a bag of cat food and pours it into the bowl for Isis to eat. She then proceeds to pet Isis as she enjoys her food.

Ending: With Darkness out of the way, Catwoman had nothing in the way of his treasure, taking it back to her apartment, she had pulled the purrfect crime in her mind, but Gotham still was the apple of her eye when it comes to valuable artifacts.
Lana's new summoning spells could be useful in the field, or in battle... As for those chickens... Well, i think i'll have her use them to chase after Ganondorf for that stunt he pulled a few years back.
Harley Quinn render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls
Name: Harleen Quinzel

Debut: Batman: Harley Quinn 1 (1999)

Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Intro: Harley is seen playing hopscotch until she steps on the final space with a crudely drawn picture of Batman. She the blows a raspberry and gets out a revolver

Outro: Harley drops her revolvers and kicks the opponent in the head, saying "Lighten up, will ya?"

Special Moves

Line of Fire: Harley shoots from both of her revolvers

Pop Pop: Harley fires her cupcake gun, if overcharged, it fires a dud.

Silly Slide: Harley does a quick slide.

Play Doctor: Harley grabs her opponent, turns them around and swiftly injects them with a harmful substance.


Harley Quinn's Revenge: Harley pummels her opponent with a mallet knocking him/her back and breaking the skull before she runs and slides between their legs, placing an exploding pie underneath the opponent, which explodes and sends them flying. The landing breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Snack Time, Boys: Bud and Lou lunge at the opponent, knocking them down. They proceed to maul the opponent.

Arkham Beatdown: The background shifts to Arkham Asylum, where she kicks them the cell of Scarecrow, who injects the the opponent with Fear Toxin before attacking them, and sending them into  a Rec-room where they are grabbed by Killer Croc, then get stabbed by Penguin with his umbrella, causing blood to gush out of the wound, get a TV bashed on their head by Two Face, smacked in the face by Riddler with his staff and then get punched through the chest by Killer Croc. 

Heartwarmer: Harley gets out a picture of the Joker, and kisses it

Ending: With Darkness defeated, Harley managed to snap out of her love of the Joker just in time to realize that she was in the wrong. She now works with Batman and the others in the hopes of making amends with The Dark Knight.
Nox render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Nox

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Lauren Post

Intro: Nox appears from a dark energy portal, saying "Fear the Eternal Night!"

Outro: Nox fires a black flame at the camera from her cameras.

Special Moves

Night Raven Barrier: Nox deploys a barrier. If a projectile hits, she summons an energy raven that launches her opponent away.

Shadow Lock: Nox fires a energy chain that binds the opponent up, setting them up for a free hit.

Syphon Darkness: Nox fires a energy ball that drains the opponent's Fear Meter and adds it to hers.

Shadow Step: Nox teleports behind her opponent.


Goddess of Night: Nox teleports behind her opponent and smashes them in the neck with her candelabra, breaking it. She then teleports in front of the opponent and fires a dark energy ball at the opponent, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Nyxmare: Nox fires a dark energy orb at the opponent. Dark green fluid flows through the opponent's veins as he/she starts to shrivel up into a fetal position. The opponent then bends all his/her parts into unnatural positions, breaking his/her skeleton to individual parts.

Dark Void: Nox fires four energy portals, each one summoning a demonic hand that grabs at each limb.  They then begins to pull outwards, eventually ripping the opponent into four pieces. The hands then pull the opponent into the portals which close.

Heartwarmer: Nox takes off her mask and puts on one at random.

Ending: With Darkness gone, Nox's power caused her to create a new world for the gods, one free of strife and woe for humanity. A new era now begins, an era where gods and men can live in peace and prosperity. 
Rataoskr by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Rataoskr (Translation: Drill-Tooth)

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Holly Franklin 

Intro: Rataoskr hops in and looks at the opponent, before Mecha-Drill drops in  and skittering up, saying "Time to see why i'm called Drill-Tooth." before hopping into the cockpit (Mecha Drill is basically a robot Rataoskr around Krampus' height created for Horror Brawl, by the way)

Outro: Rataoskr hops off the cockpit and slides down, saying "Heh, nothing to it!" 

Special Moves

Swinging for the Fences: Rataoskr's mech swings it's arm in a hammer strike.

Dart: Rataoskr's mech uses jets to knee the opponent in the gut.

Flurry: Rataoskr's mech does a multi hitting punch.

Acorn Blast: Rataoskr fires a scattershot of 3 explosive acorns from his mech's arm.


The Sly Messenger: Ratasokr's mech does  flying knee attack, breaking the ribs,  followed by a strong flying uppercut that breaks the jaw. When the enemy drops another even stronger flying uppercut is landed, launching them further into the air and shattering the ribs.

Final Sequences

Self Destruction: Ratasokr presses a big button
 activate a timed self-destruct mechanism for his mech, which detonates, killing his opponent as he jumps out.

Acorn Bomb:
 Ratasokr's mech shoves an explosive acorn-shaped bomb in his opponent's mouth in which detonates and explodes, ripping his opponent's body apart in the process.

Heartwarmer: Ratasokr hops off Mecha-Drill and hands the opponent a scaled 
model of said mech

Ending: With Darkness gone, Rataoskr traveled up to the top of Yddrisill to make amends with the eagle and then down to tell his boss, Nnghog, the news. Impressed, he was welcomed into the pantheon of gods who once considered him an enemy.
Horror Brawl Request 184: Rataoskr
For Final Sequences, Rataskor'll bug out of his mech as it sparks
Kukulkan Render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Kukulkan

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Clifford Chaplin 

Intro: Kukulkan flies down and bares his teeth, saying "Prepare to be blown away!"

Outro: Kukulkan flies around in a infinity pattern and then roars at the sky.

Special Move
Tornado: Kukulkan fires a tornado at the opponent, setting them up for a free hit.

Zephyr: Kukulkan fires a blast of wind, blowing them back and doing a bit of damage.

Slipstream: Kukulkan lunges at the opponent, the wind blowing in front of him to damage the opponent.

Whirlwind: Kukulkan creates a scattershot of tornadoes, blasting the opponent back. 


Serpent of the Nine Winds: Kukulkan fires off two tornadoes that break the opponent's legs. He then lunges at them, breaking the ribs with his jaw.

Final Sequences

Rock You Like A Hurricane:  Kukulkan flaps his wings and a huge tidal wave rises up behind his opponent. The opponent turns around and looks up, scared, and the tidal wave hits him/her. The screen fills up in water for two seconds and then empties out, showing Kukulkan hovering there with a hurricane carrying with it the broken in half opponent with sea weed and a starfish on him/her.

Blown Away: Kukulkan appears in the center of the arena, where he conjures a tornado around himself (similar to Fujin's boss fight in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero). The opponent notices that he/she is being dragged towards the tornado, and tries to outrun it, but with no luck. The opponent is then sucked into the tornado and torn asunder, resulting in torn skin, organs, muscle, bones, and lots of blood flying around. Kukulkhan then makes the tornado disappear as the body parts and blood fall to the ground.

Heartwarmer: Kukulkan gets out a dandelion and hands it to the opponent, and creates a breeze that blows the seeds away.

Ending: With Darkness gone, Kukulkan became well known, and while the praise was well and good, Kukulkan was still looking for answers, who was he, why was he here? He returned to Mexico to find answers, and all he found was scorn.
Vamana render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Vamana

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Todd Haberkorn 

Intro: Vamana hovers down on his umbrella and says "Prepare to be humbled!"

Outro: Vamana nods and flies off on his umbrella, Marry Poppins style.

Special Moves

Umbrella Reflector: Vamana opens his umbrella, reflecting any projectiles

Clear The Way: Vamana charges at the opponent with his umbrella

Armored Umbrella: Vamana swings his umbrella up and drops, umbrella-tip first, down at the opponent.

Umbrellarang: Vamana tosses his umbrella, which returns to him.


Fifth Avatar of Vishnu: Vamana strikes at the opponent with the tip of his umbrella, breaking the ribs. he then lifts them up and bounces them off of it. He lifts them off and the hit the ground, face first, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

Like an Ant: Vamana grows extremely large and crushes his opponent with his foot.

Umbrella Kill: Samana grabs the opponent's chest with a serious look on his face. He then tosses the opponent at the nearest wall. After walking over and getting him/her up, he lifts and pins him/her up against the wall. The opponent tries punching him three times, but it doesn't seem to make him flinch that much. Now with his umbrella in one hand, he pierces the pointy end through the opponent's heart after saying "None." The umbrella suddenly pops open as the opponent bleeds out. He then closes his umbrella and retracts it from the opponent's chest as it starts to rain.

Heartwarmer: Vamana notices rain around him and opens his umbrella, saying "Singing in the rain, already did that." and flies up via umbrella

Ending: With Darkness gone, hopefully for good. Vamana returned to the heavens, where he transformed into Vishnu, and went back to ruling the heavens. 
Chiron render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Chiron

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie

Intro: Chiron gallops in and says "Class is in session."

Outro: Chiron puts his bow away and says "Even Hercules would fare better then you."

Special Moves

Back Kick: Chiron does a back kick, which kicks up dust or knocks them down.

Training Exorcise: Chiron fires a multi shot of arrows.

Masterful Shot: Chiron fires a arrow that hits the opponent.

Giddyup!: Chiron gallops up and shoulder checks the opponent.


The Great Teacher: Chiron does a Back Kick, breaking the ribs. He then shoots two arrows into the opponent eyes, and then swings his bow at their legs, breaking them.

Final Sequences

School's Out: Chiron puts an apple on the opponents head and knocks an arrow. He then fires it at the opponent's head, causing them to fall face first, the apple falling on the arrow.

Hole-y Cow: Chiron kicks with such force, he blasts a hole through the opponent's torso.

Heartwarmer: Chiron hands the opponent a training brochure.

Ending: With Darkness gone, the Great Teacher, Chiron returned to the sky, guarding humanity from various evils to this day. Now, a new threat dawns. The army of N.A.C.H.T. Now Chiron uses his vast knowledge to recruit others from various universes.
Well. I think i'll tell you this, but i'm not a big Trump person. Same with Lietian

ICED TEA 2016!
While :iconsneakylizard: isn't going away and neither have i, i still feel a bit of guilt for protecting him, other then the fact that i welcomed my real parents back, this was one of my greatest failures. And :iconkingoffiction:, if you want to know, note me next monday, that way, i can tell you and your friends the cold, hard truth.
Neith render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Neith

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Lindsey Seidel

Intro: Neith walks in, and smiles, saying "Time to limber up!" as she activates her bow and arrow

Outro: Neith tosses her arrow up and starts dancing Caramelldansen

Special Moves

Arrow Shot: Neith fires 3 arrows from her bow

Spirit Arrow: Neith fires a energy arrow from her bow.

Unravel: Neith wraps the opponent up in thread, setting them up for a free hit.

Back Flip: Neith does a backflip kick.


Weaver of Fate: Neith does a backwards flip kick, breaking the jaw. She then fires arrows  and slides under to fire one, breaking the spine. she the does a moonsault, breaking the ribs.

Final Sequences

Spirit Storm: Neith fires a lot of spirit arrows into the sky and they rain down, turning  the opponent into a pincushion.

Arrow to the Heart: Neith kicks the Oppo from behind, causing him to stumble and turn around. Neith then shoots the hunter in the torso

Heartwarmer: Neith and the opponent both dance Caramelldansen.

Ending: With Darkness gone, Neith grew worried about finding love, however, her quest led her to Fighters Island, where a certain someone was waiting. 
Jing Wei render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls
Name: Jing Wei

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Allison Viktorin

Intro: Jing flies down and says "Let's make this quick, i got a ocean to fill."

Outro: Jing fires a bolt at the sky, and flies up before flying up.

Special Moves

Bolt Shots: Jing fires her crossbow at the opponent

Persistent Gust: Jing fires off a gust of wind that sets the opponent up for a free hit.

Explosive Bolts: Jing fires off a explosive Bolt that pops the opponent up for a juggle.

Agility: Jing flies forward, kicking the opponent.


The Oathkeeper: Jing flies forward, tackling the opponent. She then punches them in the face, breaking the skull. She then traps them in a armbar, stressing the muscles. She finally does a ankle lock, breaking the ankle.

Final Sequences

Crossbow Carnage: Jing prods the opponent's back back, causing the him to turn around. Jing annthen shoots the arrow into the opponent's face face, killing him/her.

Throatache: Jing 
shoots the opponent in the back of the neck, dropping him to his knees. Jing then twists and pulls the arrow out of the opponent's neck, causing the opponent to bleed to death.

Heartwarmer: Jing sets up a hug shop and gets a hug from the opponent.

Ending: With Darkness gone, and Ao Koung's wrath averted by Erlang Shen, Jing decided to thing about getting a boyfriend, and after the options are dried up, she decided on Ne Zha. 
Tallahassee render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Tallahassee

Debut: Zombieland (2009)

Voice Actor: Woody Harrison/Troy Baker

Intro: Tallahassee walks in, eating a twinkie, and then pockets the wrapper and gets out his Mare's Leg, saying "Let's get this show started."

Outro: Tallahassee shoots at the camera, cracking the lens, he then goes back to eating his twinkie.

Special Moves

Duel Bang: Tallahassee shoots two handguns at the opponent up to 4 times.

Mare's Leg: Tallahassee fires his carbine at the opponent one handed.

Slide Shot: Tallahassee shoots his Mare's Leg while sliding.

Twinkie Munch: Tallahassee eats a twinkie, restoring 1/6 of his fear meter.


Tallahassee, U.S.A: Tallahassee chomps a special twinkie, causing him to quickly kick his opponent in the head, breaking the skull. He then shoots the opponent in the head, breaking the skull. The twinkie's effect wears off.

Final Sequences

Twinkie Feast: Tallahassee grabs a giant bucket of unwrapped Twinkies and shoves them down the opponents throat, causing them to inflate like a balloon until they explode into blood, guts, crumbs, and cream filling.

Bang Bang: Tallahassee fires his Mare's Leg at the opponent's head, splattering it. He then loads a new round, and shoots them in the chest, blasting a hole in the torso.

Heartwarmer: Tallahassee hands the opponent a twinkie and the two eat.

Ending: During his search for a Twinkie, he had a run in with a hooded figure, what he didn't know is that he was about to be catapulted into a full scale war. With Darkness gone however, Tallahassee decided the best way to celebrate was a crapload of...You guessed it, Twinkies. 


ask-theangelofsouls's Profile Picture
Johnny Petersen
United States
eh not much just john's dark side created through his insanity, i mean we are two sides of the same coin, if he dies i die i rest my case. I'm taken by Crystal.exe, and Kobi and Kat. and Phosphora who was revived, and Lynx and ally and all my fangirls

hobbies: Working out, Reading Old English, Going on adventures, Playing spanish guitar

Personality: Caring, Calm, has a bad temper, honorable to some extent. quiet most of the time. deep

DA Id made by: :iconpinkfreakcrystal:

:iconask-crystalexe: My dearest love. May we be the greatest of exe couples. I will protect you My little gem
:iconfandom-daydreams: your pretty and you picked the sexiest Exe, That's cool
:iconyourinmyworldnow: The guy who turned me into an exe. Me and him own a castle and he is my master. He's also the closest thing to a friend i've got. Our brolike hobies include madworld commentary and poking fun at others
:iconkatattak2012: she's a kirby turned human. Need i say More?
:iconpinkfreakcrystal: The normal part of her exe counterpart. Like a sister to me really. I'm not kidding
:iconsaxtonhaleplz: tick this guy off and you'll learn the hard way why he's the strongest Aussie in TF2. He's the CEO of Mann CO whose motto is "we sell products and get in fights
:iconchuck-norrisplz: the guy who is on good terms with me. tick him off and your dead meat

:iconaskcaiseythehomeless: i saved her from death and i'm currently training her

Me+Saxton Hale+Chuck Norris= the 3 manliest men ever

people i have a lot of respect for: Sonic.exe: the guy who i work with. Without him my life is nothing
Ghost black: don't ask
Bane: you may be strong but your knowledge of spanish and a gift makes you a heartfelt individual

Shannon.exe: you still have not developed your powers

fellow pasta monsters: some i like others i don't like


Zalgo: you left my friend for dead and for that you will pay dearly!

clothes: now i wear a jet black poncho with two .50 caliber revolvers holstered in my belt with a jet black pair of pants and i have dyed my hair black and slicked it back showing why this angel fell to darkness and nothingness after the bombings in Boston. the shoes and pants and cape are still there and i now have a horse named nightmare

Fangirls: Crystal, Brianna, another crystal... ,Jessie Shannon, Sonia and Sally (sorry pal) Mary, Kat kyra alains larua Jamie Kobi, Ayeka, Kat, June, Phoshphora… or…

backstory: a creation of Exe and My other's subconscious I will stop at nothing to bring souls to exe and make Crystal happy.

Headcannons: is a hopeless romantic. Likes H.P Lovecraft and William Shakespeare. Likes getting it on. Hates Zalgo and all Z infected. Is willing to protect his friends, was almost killed by Jeff... Broke sonic the werehog's back
little known fact: my chest hair is shaped like Exe's I am god smile
ablities: enhanced reflexes, teleportation, powers over darkness, skilled marksman, hand to hand and swordsplay prowess. ability to survive fatal wounds, and superhuman strength

agliment in human word: hopersen army

statis: antihero

is now a pacifist after fateful day.

current job: assassin

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