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Johnny Petersen (or just John)
United States
Well, you know me as the creator of Horror Brawl, but i'm also prone to pop culture references.

Hobbies: Horror Brawl Bio Creation, RPing with friends.

Likes: Horror Brawl, dunking people, Rping, humor, movesets, Secular Talk, Youtube, QG, Movies that are good, good presidents (mainly Obama)

Dislikes: Hillery Clinton, Donald Trump, hypocrits, fundamentalism, Quan Chi, Hsu Hao, Joker (to a extent, due to Mark Hamil's voice.) Paul Feig,

DA Id made by: :iconpinkfreakcrystal:


SJW think GOTG v2 is sexist due to Rocket, Star-Lord, Groot and Drax exchanging witty repartee and Gamora saying nothing?

Please put down your e-cigarette and go back to class. Your parents didn't waste their life savings for you to piss and moan about fictional characters.
Hibiki Kohaku render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Hibiki Kohaku

Debut: Blazblue Centralfiction (2015)

Voice Actor: Steve Staley 

Intro: Hibiki walks in from his shadow and says "I will make you fear the dark.

Outro: Hibiki snickers and then teleports via shadows.

Special Moves

Sorring Slash: Hibiki spins upward and slashes with both his blades

Heaven and Earth: Hibiki sends a shadow to slash at the air while he slashes at the ground.

Double Cyclone: Hibiki creates a cyclone of dark energy that sucks the opponent in.

Muzzle Blade: Hibiki, from the air, lands down.


Whispers in the Dark: Hibiki rears back during the super flash and then tosses both blades in front of himself to spiral in front like a reflector (which fly through full-screen not unlike a projectile). Once it connects, he fades away leaving behind a flock of crows and strikes though his foe with blue air-tearing slash effects in succession, breaking the ribs and  finishing with a Maga Uchi through his foe; this causes all the said slash effects to converge their damage onto his target. He then i disappears leaving behind a flock of shadowy crows after a brief stance and gesture, then warps to his opponent's location from above to slam-drive both swords during his plummeting assault, breaking the skull (causing too brief and large slash trails to appear beside him and Hibiki then twirls his blades to return to neutral).

Final Sequences

Ravenfall: Hibiki a
ttacks using his shadows, and rapidly slashes his opponent several times in the dark, complete with red lines (blood)

Cut Down: Hibiki strikes his opponent with an inward high-flicking turn kick (used to initiate the move) then follows up with a back-somersaulting kick launcher. He then kneels down and twirls his blades, then waves them both around in an instant at once for a radius slash finisher that cuts the opponent in half.

Heartwarmer: Hibiki starts doing shadow puppetry.

Ending: Hibiki managed to kill Darkness in cold blood, and vanish into the shadows. Soon, word spread of killings from a figure who uses shadow powers. They were so far 
apart, that the police and the NOL had a hard time finding the killer.
Felicia render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Felicia

Debut: Darkstalkers (1994)

Voice Actor: G.K. Bowes

Intro: Felicia is seen licking her paws before jumping up and taking a battle stance, saying "Showtime!"

Outro: Felicia jumps in joy before noticing a butterfly and begins chasing after it, saying "Yeah, I w--huh? Butterfly!"

Special Moves

Rolling Buckler: Felicia rolls into a ball and charges into the opponent. She can follow this up with a straight jab, a sliding kick, or a bounce into the air.

Kitty Spike: An orange ball bounces in from nowhere and Felicia chases after it and swings at it, slashing any opponent that's too close.

Sand Splash: Felicia turns around and kicks magically enhanced sand at the opponent. This is useful for taking down aerial opponents.

Delta Kick: Felicia kicks the opponent into the air before performing two more kicks that end up sending the opponent into the ground


Felicia's Greatest Hits: 
Felicia cries out for help before a whole mob of her fellow catgirls swarm at the opponent and pummel them continuously with stomps, kicks, slashes, and a final belly flop before running off, breaking bones. She then kicks an entire tidal wave of magic sand at the opponent, causing heavy damage.

Final Sequences

Cat Scratch Fever: Felicia shows off her large, pink claws, then leaps onto the opponent's front and begins clawing at their face, the opponent screaming as she slashes away chunks of their flesh. When she springs off, the opponent's face is reduced to a bloody skull. The skull falls off their neck and Felicia, excitedly, goes off to chase it as the corpse falls down.

Deadly Cat Grapple: Felicia takes a few steps back, then runs at the opponent and slides near their legs. She grabs on with her claws, then begins twirling up their body. When she reaches the head, she lets go and lands on the ground, sticking a perfect landing. As she raises her arms in a "ta-da" fashion, the opponent falls to several bloody pieces.

Heartwarmer: Felicia starts singing

Ending: Felicia returned home after several challenging battles culminating in Darkness and, on announcing that she had successfully defended man against the otherworldly threat, her popularity skyrocketed. Her singing career took an unexpected rise in ratings and she became one of her world's most well-known defenders against supernatural threats. She even became more acknowledged to her fellow DarkStalkers and an inspiration for human-catpeople relations to strengthen. She still regularly tends to the orphanage, though, for children are the closest things to her heart.
Kagura Mutsuki render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Kagura Mutsuki

Debut: Blazblue Chronophantasma (2012)

Voice Actor: Grant George.

Intro: Kagura walks in with two girls on either side and says "Let's get this show on the road." and dismisses them (If against a female, he checks them out and says "Hello, nurse.", a question mark hoping over his opponent's head)

Outro: Kagura says "Well, that's that." and the two girls from his intro walk in and patch him up.

Special Moves

Dragon's Spirit: Kagura fires off a energy spear from his sword.

Dragon's Assent: Kagura slashes in a upward angle with his sword.

Wyvern Cannon: Kagura slashes at the opponent, and then stabs and tosses them to the side.

Hydra Mortar: Kagura, from the air, slams his sword down


Supreme Dragon's Sky Fang: Kagura swings his sword forward in reverse grip to flick forward spires shaped like dark spear-heads of energy along the ground, breaking the shins. He then charges his blade with dark energy as he brings it over his shoulder, then slams it down on the ground to cause an energy pillar to launch his opponent and break the skull in the process.

Final Sequences

Black Dragon's Sky Rending Blade: 
Kagura attacks the opponent with two crossing-slashes, cutting the arms off as black and purple lightning courses around his sword. He points his sword toward the sky and a cinematic occurs where his sword emits a large pillar of black energy. There is a zoomed in shot on Kagura's face which pans out as he delivers the final blow by crashing his sword down on the downed opponent.

Ryujin Howitzer: 
Kagura hits the opponent with several circular slashes, finishing with a kick of dark energy that knocks the cut down opponent away.

Heartwarmer: Kagura looks at his fan club and he runs for the hills.

Ending: After defeating Darkness and deposing the NOL, Kagura, the Black Knight, managed to find Makoto and the two later got married and settled down for family life, but when N.A.C.H.T came a knocking, the Black Knight and the girl both fought them hard.
Horror Brawl Request 301: Kagura Mutsuki
If you find the reference to Iron Maiden, here's a cookie :cookie:
Nike render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Nike

Debut: Smite (2014)

Voice Actor: Nika Flutterman 

Intro: Nike flies down and spins her blade, saying "Time to bring some victory."

Outro: Nike slashes several times and spins it before stabbing it to the ground.

Special Moves

Victory Screech: Nike does a victory cry, increasing chip damage

Rend: Nike slashes twice. If Plan of Action is used prior, she slashes a third Time

Plan of Action: Nike creates a glow around her.

Valiant Leap: Nike lunges at the opponent.


Goddess of Victory: Nike lunges at the opponent and stabs them in the chest, breaking the ribs. She then swings the blade down, breaking the skull. She then stomps on their face, breaking the skull.

Final Sequences

TIMBER!!!: Nike runs past her foe after cutting him/her, and when she looks at the foe, the foe's upper torso and the lower body split apart and fall to the ground. 

Get To The Chopper: Nike 
tosses her opponent in the air above her, then pulls out her axe and begins twirling it in the air. As the opponent falls onto it, they are chopped into pieces. 

Heartwarmer: Nike gets out a book and a pair of reading glasses.

Ending: Nike defeated the threat to her native Greece, Darkness, and managed to save her friends. She then managed to return to her job of providing tips to victors. This made her well known. So much so, that she formed a all goddess fighting force whose members 
include Bellona, Aphrodite, Bastet and Skadi. Together, they laid waste to N.A.C.H.T and trapped them in Tatarus forever.
Horror Brawl Request 300: Nike
300 Spartans=Greek Goddess. Makes sense, really.
Guess 2016's a Pyrrhic victory for nerd kind
Zoro render for horror brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Roronoa Zoro

Debut: One Piece Chapter 3 (1997)

Voice Actor: Christopher Sabat

Zoro strides in and unsheathes one sword, tossing it into the air. He does the same to his two others. He stretches his arms out, catching a katana in each hand, saying "Behold the power...of my Three-Sword Style!"

Zoro points a katana at the opponent, then sheathes it, his second sword, then takes off his bandana, removes the third sword, and sheathes the blade as well, saying “Now to head out of here…now where’s the Sunny. Over here right………huh? What is this, a maze?”  He then walks off, and the scene shifts to Downtown Elmhurst, where he says "Huh, i knew the ship was that way..."

Special Moves

Rengoku Oni Giri: 
Zoro will step forward a set distance and slashes at the opponent once.

Tatsu Maki: Zoro spins in place like a tornado with his swords outstretched, creating a brief image of a coiling dragon. The Player can use the d-pad to control the movements

Nigori-Zake: Zoro thrusts with his swords. Initially weak, but with two different moves, has three different outcomes.

*Ichi Gorilla: Zoro flexes the bicep of his left arm. On using Nigori-Zake with just this, the thrust will travel farther and faster.

*Ni Gorilla: Zoro flexes the bicep of his right arm. On using Nigori-Zake with this alone, the thrust will be stronger and harder to block.

*Ichi-Ni Gorilla: If Zoro uses Ichi Gorilla and Ni Gorilla, the resulting Nigori-Zake will thrust forward, then slash outward in a "V" shape, sending the opponent flying back and causing massive damage. 

Hyokindama Oni Geri: Zoro leaps through the air in an arch pattern, spinning like a wheel with his blades. He then lands with a Rengoku Oni Giri, slashing past them


Asura--Makyusen: Zoro gains a glint in his eye and a brief flash of blackish aura surges at the opponent. If it properly connects, Zoro holds up his swords, then moves his arms so that he appears to have three pairs, each one carrying a sword in a different pose. Zoro takes a ready pose, then disappears, revealing that he's behind the opponent. His arms converge into a single pair, then a hi-speed multitude of slashes strikes the opponent at various angles, breaking the ribs, jaw, and skull in the process. When they cease, the opponent falls to the ground.

Final Sequences

Iai Master: Zoro sheathes two of his katana, then swings just as his opponent regains their senses. The opponent appears frozen with shock and emitting a choking sound as a result. Zoro then turns away, sheathing his katana, as the opponent falls into several bloody pieces.

Three-Sword Execution: Zoro rushes at the opponent, plunges two of his katana into their midsection, then twists his head to swing with the sword in his mouth. The blade cuts the opponent's head off, and he pulls his other two blades free and swings vertically. The opponent's head hits the stump of their neck and the opponent falls into three pieces, the head rolling off on impact with the ground.

Heartwarmer: Zoro looks at the map. Only problem? He's reading it upside down.

Ending Many years after his victory over Darkness, Zoro stood at the center of a vast dojo, watching over his bokken-wielding students. He had learned a few techniques from the many swordsmen, and with those techniques fresh in his mind, he was able to apply them to his already-impressive skillset and physique. The true value of strength dawned on him that day--the true purpose of power is to strengthen the weak.
Horror Brawl Request 299: Zoro
And... This is why Deviantart is a double edged sword
105 deviations
Erza Scarlet render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Erza Scarlet

Debut: Fairy Tail Chapter 10 (2006)

Voice Actor:  Colleen Clinkenbeard

Intro: Erza strides in, briefly flashing through all three variants of armor before settling on the Standard appearance and summoning a sword into her hand, saying "I fight for the honor of Fairy Tail."

Outro: Erza swings her blade in a sort of salute, then plants the tip of the blade into the ground in front of her and rests her hands on the pommel, saying "Victory is mine. Accept your defeat."

Special Moves

Equip Stance: Erza has four different armors that she can interchange mid-battle, each with different effects and granting her access to different weapons and attacks. (the inputs are BF 1 for Standard, BF 2 for Flight, BF 3 Heavens Wheel and BF 4 for Pearching

Standard Armor Specials 

Cross Sword: Erza rushes forward and, on successful contact with the opponent, slashes with twin swords in a cross pattern.

Balletic Flurry: Erza pirouettes once to backhand the opponent with her sword, then swings downward to knock them back.

Jump Strike: Erza jumps in a slight arch and swings down with her sword. Useful for dodging projectiles.

Rising Strike: Erza springs straight up, sword extended, to uppercut an opponent. She has the option to follow up with a horizontal swing for extra damage.


Sword Flurry: Erza swings upward three times with a series of blades trailing her initial strike in a fan-formation. Hits multiple times.

Rising Angel: Erza shoots up into the air a short distance, spiraling like a drill to cut into point-blank or airborne foes multiple times.

Dagger Darts: Erza puts a hand forward and up to six blades will shoot at the opponent. Initially weak, but fast-moving and the number of strikes can push an opponent back.

Silver Dicer: Erza, with one hand, swings a blade several times in front of her in rapid succession, ending the combo with an upward swing that knocks the opponent backward.


Knight's Joust: Erza hops forward a short distance, then thrusts once with her lance.

Pinpoint Jab: Erza jabs her lance either forward, up at an angle, or down at an angle to jab opponents and neutralize projectiles.

Smashing Rod: Erza lunges with her lance and, if she connects, she will impale the opponent, lift them in the air and slam them on the ground.

Spiral Lance: Erza rushes forward, sliding across the ground with her lance extended, to damage the opponent up to three times (with the strongest attack button).


Sonic Claw: Erza rushes forward, swinging a pair of swords wildly.

*Sonic Kick: Follow-up to Sonic Claw, Erza will backflip to kick the opponent into the air.

Whirling Claw: Erza jumps in the air, spinning like a buzz-saw with her swords extended. Useful for catching airborne foes.

Cheetah Slice: Erza dashes toward the opponent and slashes once, going past them and crumpling them on a successful hit.

Back-Jump Slash: Erza hops back a short distance, then springs forward to perform a cross-slash on the opponent.


200 Weapon Armor:  Summoning various weapons such as swords, spears, axes, and halberds, Erza points her equipped weapon forward and the many weapons fly at the opponent with machine-gun-rate fire, breaking the ribs. She then dons the Armadura Fairy Armor, and  swings the Fairy Sword that will knock them back. Erza will then charge the blade with green magic energy just as the opponent gets back up. With a roar, she will charge forward, sword pointing forward, and plow through the opponent, inflicting massive damage, and fracturing the skull. When the attack finishes, the Armadura Fairy will shatter, leaving Erza in base form.

Final Sequences

Weapons Trove: Erza snaps her fingers and a spear flashes into existence before plunging into the opponent's back, emerging from their chest. A few more weapons appear in a similar manner and plunge straight through their arms and legs, pinning them to the ground. A final sword stabs them through the back of the head, the point emerging from their forehead.

Purgatory Armor: Erza equips a black, demonic armor and raises up a spike-laced club. With a mighty swing, she slams it down on the opponent's shoulder, smashing off their arm and part of their collarbone. She swings again, this time at their midsection, snapping the opponent in half. As the upper torso hits the ground, Erza raises the club one more time and slams it down on the opponent, splattering their remains.

Heartwarmer: Erza spins her sword and rests it on her shoulder before helping the opponent up.

Ending: With Darkness gone, Erza managed to return to Fairy Tail with a newfound confidence. Now no one was to cross her... Or take her cake... Or do anything stupid
Horror Brawl Request 298: Erza Scarlet
After some Family business, it's back to your normal Horror Brawl.
Blade render for HOrror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Eric Brooks

Debut: The Tomb of Dracula #10 (1973)

Voice Actor: Welsey Snipes

Intro: Blade is showing his back containing a sheathed sword. He says, "They call me Blade.", unsheathes it and turns around to face his opponent. He swings the sword around and says, "Mind if I spoil the party?"

Outro: Blade says, "Can't stop me this easily!" He sheaths his sword and leaves the scene. We cut to Blade in a modern day city at night. he gets on his motorcycle and rides it across the streets.

Special Moves

Serum: He sticks a serum syringe at his opponent and an effect occurs depending on the serum's color; The blue variant causes the opponent's health to lower a little. The green variant makes the opponent's movements very slow. The yelow blocks special attacks temporarily.

Double Glave: Blade throws two glaives at his opponent.

Stake In This; Blade tosses a stake at the opponent.

Twin Guns: He fires two machine guns at his opponent.


Daywalker: Blade spins around like a top, slashing at his opponent, breaking the ribs. He then hops up and spins like a wheel, slashing down at his opponent that shatters the skull.

Final Sequences

Serum Contamination: Blade cuts his opponent's torso off, sending the severed torso flying. He then throws two serums at the opponent's torso, one at the chest and the other at the forehead, and the torso, a second later, blows up into a big mass of blood and guts flying everywhere.

Split Second: 
Blade stabs his opponent  in the abdomen with his sword. He pulls the sword upward, splitting them in half from the waist up.

Heartwarmer: Blade does some fancy tricks with his sword and stops.

Ending: With Darkness gone, Blade found a new world, a world full of vampires. This world had heroes and villains who were the undead. Guess a hunter's work is never done.
Ares render for Horror Brawl by ask-theangelofsouls

Name: Ares

Debut: Wonder Woman #1 (1942)

Voice Actor: J.G. Hertzler

Intro: We're treated with a circle of weapons and three seconds until we see Ares teleport to the battlefield. He makes the weapons levitate as he says, "Behold the god of war!" and pushes the weapons away before going into his fighting stance.

Outro: Ares summons a circle of swords levitating around him. He shoots the swords up in the air and they all land onto the air, thrusting it and forming a circle around Ares. Ares folds his arms and says, "Only a fool would dare challenge me at my own game."

Special Moves

Dark Energy: Ares shoots a red and black fireball at his opponent. 

God Smack: Ares leaps into the air and comes down delivering a double fist attack. 

Phase Shifter: Ares becomes invisible, and then shoulder checks the opponent.

Warp Transmission: Ares teleports over to his opponent, either in front of them or behind them.


Weapons of War: Ares summons a battle ax behind his opponent, grabs them and knocks them onto it, breaking the spine then rapidly brings the ax up with a telekinetic tug. He then slams a giant sword down onto their rib cage, breaking it.

Final Sequences

Annihilator:  Ares teleports both himself and his opponent into a pocket dimension and commands a whole bunch of arrows to rain down onto his opponent. The arrows start hitting the opponent everywhere and then Ares grows to gigantic size and slams his palm onto the opponent, crushing him/her into a skeleton with a few inner organs with it as his/her blood forms a puddle under the remains. The pocket dimensions shifts back to the previous stage and Ares shrinks back to normal.

Justice Javelin:  Hippolyta, who appears as she does in the Injustice comics, rushes towards the opponent and bashes him farther away with a shield. She then ties him in the Lasso of Truth and an Amazon comes behind the opponent  to knee kick them  from behind, followed by another Amaon whacking them with a javelin. Hippolyta drags them towards herself and vertically splits them in half with a sword.

Heartwarmer: Ares juggles his sword and axe, wowing the opponent.

Ending: Darkness' defeat did not work to Ares' advantage as he had planned. The heroes of the parallel dimension helped this world's Freddy build a conflict-free Utopia that left the war god famished. On the brink of death, Ares managed to imprison Brainiac 5. He forced Brainiac to create a time loop beginning with the other dimensional heroes' arrival and ending just before their victory. In this pocket of time, Ares flourished. Endless war was his to savor.
Horror Brawl Request 296: Ares
Sorry to keep you waiting, Horror Hounds. 
61 deviations
King, take this cat's advice, i hate this CRAP

Watch "Ghostbusters(2016) Epic Rant & Movie Review" on YouTube
This is one of the everliving reasons why I ganked you from the British Isles

Watch "The UK Might Ban Your Kink" on YouTube
Another Hacker it seemscopied from :icondayle14:We need to do something about this. These hackers need to stop hacking into our accounts. Deviantart needs to do something about this. Please stop these hackers!

:iconkingoffiction:, i'm getting too autistic for this crap.

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